DERMEDICS review - the latest most powerful medical skincare line

I came to know this product after a review of brand. The brand Dermedics skincare system, had caught my interest in one of their product. What is does is not commonly found in normal skincare. What It does is to plump up the skin. Plumping up the skin may seems trivial and to be honest most people will be more interested in getting their face lifted for a V shape chin to look younger and slimmer. However on the contrary, plumping up the skin does quite a significant effect on the appearance.

The folks from Dermedics was nice enough to explain to me how the product can help me and I was convinced to gave it a try,  I am glad I did and I never look back.

Here is a picture of my old self

 and the new me now

The results? = Plumper fuller firmer brighter younger skin. No filler, I swear! It was only merely 1 month to achieve these results

Dermedics Gen'X LipoFilling Oil

PS: my pigmentation has lightened using Dermedics mesowhite serum

Details to the lipofilling oil.

Face, d├ęcolletage, breasts, hands, other (if desired).
Avoid chin area (lipofilling effect can cause double chin creation).
Avoid neck area (unless your skin is strongly dehydrated and wrinkled).
Not to be applied on skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia, sebaceous cysts, seborrhoeic warts, cholesterol deposits.

GEN’X-17-GAA™ Complex: Crystal Tears™
Volume control:  VoluFL™
Tissue remodelling: Xymeninic Acid
Nourishment & Hydration: Sunflower Oil + Cotton Oil
Anti-oxidant: Vitamin E
Eco-friendly = free of parabens, colourants and preservatives.
Completely safe: 
  • Topical activity (only in place of application)
  • Does not stimulate hormone activity when applied on breasts 
  • Free of epidermal growth factors
  • GEN’X-17-GAA™ – a stunning technology Global-Anti-Age (GAA™) that awakes youth genes of skin involved in cellular activity, thus - to stimulate:
    • Synthesis of cellular RNA = by this way cells are more active and their vitality becomes similar to fibroblasts -17 years younger!
    • DNA repair and cellular detoxification
    • Synthesis of fibrillin (a large glycoprotein (~350 kDa), rich in cysteine, which is a main component of microfibrils - its expression is reduced during aging).
  • VoluFL™ – a new cosmetic concept intended to remodel tissue through a progressive and targeted action that stimulates the creation of new adipose cells. It  promotes lipid storage leading to an increase of adipocyte volume in the fatty tissue to fill the wrinkles and expression lines typical of aging skin from the inside. Cells from adipose tissue under the skin increase volume and allow wrinkles to become less visible, naturally and safely. This process is called “lipofilling”.

In summary, signs of aging is not only about loose and wrinkled skin, one may look older when he/she
 looks shriveled or sunken skin.
If you feel that you are looking older than your actual age, take a good look and see if you suffer from sunken skin or shrivelled look, if yes, this might be the product for you.


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